What are the site rules?

Please read and follow the site rules below to keep everyone safe and happy at Focus.

  1. Valid event wristbands must be worn (around your wrist!) at all times whilst you are on site – they are the only way to get access into the venues. There is a charge to replace lost or broken wristbands. Please make sure under 18s are wearing the correct colour wristband.

  2. After arrival, all vehicles must be moved to the designated car parks in order to comply with fire and safety regulations. Only emergency vehicles or ones with a valid disabled badge are allowed on site.

  3. No speeding. When arriving or leaving the site, please honour the 10mph speed limit. It may be painfully slow but it's important that we keep everyone safe. No driving lessons are allowed either.

  4. Motorhome engines must not be operated while the vehicle is static.

  5. Generators are not permitted on site. If you need a power supply, please speak to the team in the Info Hut. We offer a limited number of electric pitches, which are available for a fee.

  6. Only guests aged 18 or over may purchase and drink alcohol from the Somerley Bar in the Walled Garden. You will need to show the bar staff valid ID.

  7. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings, marquees or individual tents and caravans.

  8. No swimming or fishing in the river.

  9. Please be aware of the overhead power cables onsite. No flags or poles should be erected near them and no-one should be camping directly beneath them. Please stay away from the conveyor that runs around the outside of the site.

  10. The only pets allowed at Focus are registered assistance dogs (please pop along to the Info Hut when you arrive).

  11. Please be respectful of people's privacy by not taking photos or videos during ministry times.

  12. Drones are not to be used on site, except by the official Focus media team.

If you have any questions, please get in touch or visit us on site at the Info Hut.