Focus is a chance for our church network to spend quality time together; to pitch in as a family, sharing food, receiving and praying for one another, and supporting each other as we go.

Tent Talks


Tent Talks are at the heart of Focus – a programme of seminars, interviews and interactive sessions held every morning and afternoon, offering a chance to go deeper into the topics that matter to you. Read on to hear about the different streams of Tent Talks you'll discover at Focus 2018.


This is a flavour of activities from Focus 2018. Info for 2019 coming soon.


Bible study stream

This year R T Kendall will bring four talks from the life of Elisha – the rather quiet successor to the flamboyant Elijah. Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's anointing – and got it. R T will speak on certain miracles that Elisha performed, demonstrating the unpredictable ways God may choose to manifest Himself.

Church planting stream

Tim Matthews will be leading each session, sharing his own experiences and interviewing other church leaders. We'll also hear from leadership coaches and other independent experts, who will facilitate interactive learning for the church leaders and their staff and volunteer teams. 

These sessions will include workshops, assisted by experienced church planters and leadership coaches, giving you and your team members an opportunity to review your church whilst you're at Focus, and equipping you with tools for change when you return. 


Cultural impact stream

These seminars engage thoughtfully with some of the most pressing and practical challenges of our day as we ask how the church should respond and what roles each of us can play. This year, we look at the crisis of human trafficking as well as at the role of business in our society to rethink the social purpose of commerce and enterprise beyond financial optimisation. Join Tom and Sarah Jackson as they engage with a variety of practising experts at the cutting edge of innovation in these fields. Come prepared to network with others and contribute your own insights and experience! We will also be hosting a networking drinks event immediately following our seminar on Monday and would love you to join us.

Emotional health stream

Packed with insights into how to live life to the full, the Emotional Health Stream is a great way to get recharged for the months ahead. Hosted by Will Van der Hart and with a great line up of speakers including Ari Walker, Patrick Regan and Pete Hughes, it will deal with topics like suffering, perfectionism, resilience and happiness. Sessions will offer some opportunities for Q&A as well as a brief time of prayer. Out hope is that each session with build on the last, to offer a really broad Christian response to some of life's more challenging experiences.


Leadership College London stream

This year the LCL seminar stream explores four Biblical values that will help to build an impactful culture around you, your home, your family, friends and your work. 

After every LCL seminar, we will be hosting a drinks party from 5-5.45pm. This is an opportunity to spend time with the speakers and a chance for anyone interested in joining LCL to meet the team and ask any questions you may have.

Living with purpose stream

We have a God-given purpose which has the potential to shape our lives. But how do we discover that purpose? How do we deploy it to help us face key decisions? And how do we fuel and fulfil that purpose across the course of our lives? Join us for practical wisdom and insightful teaching in this key area of purpose.


Relationships stream

The Relationships Stream is split into two parallel tracks this year; 

  • The Dating Course - these sessions provide the best opportunity for people who are looking to date, to get the best preparation for success
  • The Singleness Conversations - these sessions are specifically not concerned with dating but respond to the question: how do I live the single life well as a Christian

There are 2 evening socials attached to this stream - Date My Mate and The Singleness Social.

Social transformation stream

In Matthew 25 Jesus commands us to visit those in prison and welcome the stranger into our home. How do we do this? What kind of impact can we make in a struggling society which has limited resources, by helping just one person? Come and hear how people are doing this, ordinary people in our local communities.


St Mellitus stream

In this stream, the team from St Mellitus will be sharing on the topic of what it means to be part of an extraordinary community. Graham Tomlin will ask what a healing community looks like and how it is involved in God's restoration of the world. Rachael Wooldridge will speak about a cruciform community and how the cross shapes our worldview. Andy Emerton will explore the marks of a community that would exemplify generosity, unity and love. And Donna Lazenby ponders how the Church can make known what we can really be grateful for in the midst of hopeless times. Each session will seek to do theology in the context of worship and prayer.

Unmissable one-offs stream

As well as the themed Tent Talk streams, there will be a series of unmissable one-off seminar sessions to challenge and equip you. Take a look through our list of brilliant guest speakers and the fascinating topics they're tackling, and prepare to be stretched and fed, and to connect with others who share your passions.