Focus Kids (age 1-10) have a fun-packed week in store, with age-appropriate Bible stories, worship, games and much more. Each agegroup has their own venue and programme

For children with additional needs, Our Tent will be available to support them in joining in with as much or as little of the Focus Kids programme they would like to.

Our theme this year is Wild Wild West!

1-2 Years (mornings only)

There will be morning sessions for the 1s and 2s during the morning Big Top sessions.

or the 1–2s has a daily structure which includes worship time, craft time and Bible time amongst other fun activities, in our safe, welcoming and creative tents.

3-6 Years

There will be morning sessions for the 3s to 6s during the morning Big Top sessions.

For the 3–4s and for the 5–6s, there will be small groups as well as ‘altogether times’.

Within the structure of each morning there will be colourful Bible stories around the theme of Jesus’ adventures on earth, songs of worship, times of prayer, creative zones, physical activities and sport.

7-10 Years (morning and evenings)

There will be both morning and evening sessions for the 7s to 10s during the main Big Top sessions.

As well as fun filled morning sessions, there are additional evening sessions for the 7–10s. Each evening will have a special focus such as mission, worship, prayer and more, and will include a mix of fun and faith filled activities led by experienced team leaders.

Across the site there will be so much going on for the little ones throughout the week - in previous years we have run activities such as:

  • Treasure hunt

  • Family silent disco

  • Family outdoor cinema

  • Storytime – outdoor readings of some favourite children's stories

  • Focus Active sessions for kids

  • Focus Creative sessions for kids

  • Family movies each afternoon