Focus is a chance for our church network to spend quality time together; to pitch in as a family, sharing food, receiving and praying for one another, and supporting each other as we go.




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Our Kid’s Focus theme this year is THE WILD WILD WEST.

That’s right cowboys and cowgirls – God is WILD about you and has a great plan for your life! This year, the Focus Kids Village is going to be turned into a great big rowdy Western Adventure where we’ll be learning how to live God’s way, meeting Bible characters who were ‘outlaws’, while seeking out the most surprising rebel of all (who happens to be God’s son!).

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Under 1s at Focus

If you’re not a seasoned camper you might be feeling nervous about how to look after your baby in the middle of a field! We are here to help and we LOVE babies!

Parents with babies are welcome in the Big Top. and there will be space for chairs with pushchairs, which will be a quieter part of the venue and is also near the exit, should you need to get out quickly.

The Play Café will be open during the morning Big Top celebration. This is a place for you to come and go with your baby, feed or let them play whilst you watch the talks on a screen, connect with other parents and receive prayer. Coffee, tea and pastries will be provided.

Nursery Zone: 1s and 2s

(Morning session only)

1s and 2s will meet in the NURSERY ZONE of the Kids Village! Your child will be looked after by a dedicated member of the team.

In the Nursery Zone, with their leader and new friends, the will have activities such as; mini play park, soft play, sensory play, water play, story time venue and arts and crafts. They will also enjoy their own worship time with loads of bubbles and musical instruments!

Preschool Zone: 3s and 4s

(Morning session only)

3s and 4s will meet in the PRESCHOOL ZONE of the Kids Village. Your child will be in a little group with five or six other friends and looked after by two small group leaders. They will have a structured morning with some upfront teaching, small group activities, puppets, drama, worship and prayer. They will also enjoy a variety of activities such as soft play, arts and craft, water play, sandpit, nature trail, mini sports and obstacle courses.


Primary Zone: 5s and 6s

(Morning session only)

5s and 6s will meet in two tents of the PRIMARY ZONE of the Kids Village. Your child will be in a pre-assigned small group of kids with two leaders. They will spend the morning on a wild adventure, deepening friendships and enjoying a fun- packed session of drama, a mini talk, worship, big games, competitions, and much more. They will also take part in a variety of activities such as craft, wide games, sport and dance workshops!

Primary Zone: 7–10s

(Morning and evening session)

7s and 8s, and 9s and 10s will be in two separate venues within the PRIMARY ZONE in the Kids Village. Your child will be in a pre-assigned small group of kids with two leaders. They will spend each morning and evening on a rip-roaring adventure, going into the WILD WILD WEST, learning how to live wholeheartedly for Jesus. The week will be a fun-packed time where new and life-long friendships are formed, with worship, prayer, a talk, drama, games, endless entertainments and a daily choice of activities. There will be something for everyone!

Dressing up theme for every evening session for 7–10s groups:

Friday: Wild Wild West
Saturday: Crazy hair night
Sunday: What I want to be when I grow up Monday: All in red

Our Tent: 1–10s

(Morning only for 1–6s; Morning and evening for 7–10s)

Our Tent is a venue for children aged 10 years or younger who have any kind of additional need. We take ‘additional needs’ to mean requiring extra or different help from that given to other children of the same age.

Children who come to Our Tent will have one-to-one support, and they and their parents will be able to work out with their own special one-to-one helper how they would like to spend the sessions – in the Focus Kids programme or in Our Tent, or in a combination of these.

Our Tent will be led by great groups of leaders and helpers, and the activities will follow the Focus Kids themes.

We hope your child will have an unforgettable adventure with God throughout the Focus week. As well as having loads for the Kids to do, we also want families to enjoy Focus together. To find out more about all the Family Fun will be at Focus, check out our Families page.

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