Focus is a chance for our church network to spend quality time together; to pitch in as a family, sharing food, receiving and praying for one another, and supporting each other as we go.

Focus Green


At Focus we love being outdoors and we care about our environment. This year we are making sure Focus is the ‘greenest’ it has ever been and we need your help to enable us to make a real difference.


How are we making Focus even ‘greener’?

Recycled wristbands – Our week-long fabric wristbands will be made from recycled materials and bamboo.

No plastic cafés – All Focus cafés will be free of plastic bottles.

More water points – Fill up your reusable bottles with fresh, drinkable water from water points across the site.

No bulky event guide – In 2019 we’ll be hosting all event information on our app. We have also upgraded the Wi-Fi on site to make browsing and app downloads easier.

More sinks – We now have more sinks than ever before for you to wash up your reusable cutlery and crockery.

Urinals – We have more urinals on site than we have had in the past. Urinals use much less water than a standard toilet.

Recycling – All recycling and waste will be sorted after the event to ensure the absolute minimum goes to landfill.

Paperless parking permits – All parking permits are now filled out online to ensure we don’t waste any paper.


How can your church get involved?

Green pitch contest – We are so excited to make Focus as green as possible and we hope you are too! To encourage you as a church we are running a competition for the the most environmentally friendly pitch. The prize will be will a free community pitch in 2020!

Provide non-disposables for meals/drinks – Bring reusable cutlery and crockery that can be washed in the increased number of washing up points. 

Travel - Coordinate ride sharing, lifts from the train station, or coaches to reduce the environmental impact of travel to Focus. 



What can you do?


Focus is a family and we would love to work together make Focus ‘green’. Here are a few easy things you can do to help:

  • Dispose of your waste correctly. There will be plenty of recycling bins around the site.

  • Bring your own cutlery, plate and cup for meal times. 

  • Bring a reusable water bottle! 

  • Bring a keep cup and receive discounted hot drinks at the cafés. 

  • Use water responsibly – Make sure taps are turned off properly and don’t take too long in the showers! 

  • Save energy at home while at Focus – Make sure you haven’t left your TV and other appliances on standby, and that all lights and all non-essential plug sockets are turned off. 

  • Ride share – Get on the coach, offer a lift to a friend, or get public transport to Focus. Find out more about travel to Focus here.

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