Please note that this year Focus starts on Monday 24 July. The programme will begin on Tuesday 25 July and will end on Sunday 30 July. All guests need to be off site by 10.00am on Monday 31 July.

We asked our guests what their favourite moment of Focus 2016 was, this is what they said...

'There were so many favourite moments because Focus affords precious moments on so many levels - personal moments with Jesus, time to really enjoy time with the kids and so much renewal outwardly from witnessing God's work in others and in myself and family in the days and weeks that follow (where seeds planted in Focus start to bear fruit).'


'Hard to say - I loved every bit of it, but one thing that stood out for me was the welcome when I arrived. I was a bit nervous (I'd travelled from Gloucestershire on my own) and wasn't sure what to expect from the new site ... from the drive in and the signs that had been placed up the drive, to the smiles and the friendly signing in team, it just set me up so much - actually got a bit choked up. It felt like I was safe and it was all going to be ok - and it was!'


'When I was lost in the dark on my first night and a youth leader and his wife walked with me back to my tent!'


‘The new venue is amazing. The facilities were great and everything was so close to the tents and Community Pitches.'


'Watching a friend who has been in a dark place for 4 years, reengage with the Lord and see the life beginning to well up in him again'


'It was my first time at Focus and I felt from the moment I arrived the atmosphere was electrifying.'


'Arriving for the first worship session and thinking, yes, a whole week of this.'


'At the end of the women's talk, coming forward to pray with someone & ending up sitting talking for such a long time that we only left because the next seminar was about to start! Discovering the walled garden lit up at night. All the live music & worship.'


'The site was fabulous. Having everyone camping on site in some way, shape or form made the whole week have a wonderful feel. Truly the best site so far.'


'Oh goodness it was all so great. Charlie's talk on Thursday was a highlight, but also little moments with different individual people throughout the week.'


'The whole thing was generally outstanding, I went away much changed from when I arrived. And it's an outstanding site too.'


'I really enjoyed the equipping and challenging talks - helping us think about how we can really live out our Christian life in the 51 weeks we are not at Focus!'


'My birthday right there in the walled garden. I mean does it get any better? The entire week was great set in such a beautiful place and it all was seamless from beginning to end.'


'Seeing people who had come through really difficult pasts being set free and sharing their story on the main stage - the rawness'


'Can't pin point a favourite moment but overall the way the churches were set up with food and hub points were better than any other year. It helps congregate people from your service and meet them. Even though the site was bigger it felt smaller and more connected as you knew where to find people.'


'So many favourite moments. Probably the last night with my children as a Christian parents deepest desire is that their kids know the Lord. They both got stuck into the worship and loved the celebratory nature of the occasion. It was wonderful leaving with the kids all filled up, led and directed. Had some wonderful discussions in the car on the way home whilst listening to our new worship CD.’