Focus is a chance for our church network to spend quality time together; to pitch in as a family, sharing food, receiving and praying for one another, and supporting each other as we go.
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Focus Alive is a movement empowering young people to be an unstoppable force for God’s Kingdom.

Focus Alive seeks to see 13–18 year olds come alive in Jesus, provide strength and courage to the UK church, and lead the UK in wholesale revival.

Focus Alive will run alongside Focus from 24–28 July 2020 on the Somerley Estate, and is open to the HTB Network and friends of the network.

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Focus Alive is designed to help you have the best time with Jesus and your mates. You’ll join with a load of young people who just like you are inspired by Jesus’ life and are figuring out how to live that out in school, college and beyond. During the four days, your faith will be turbocharged and our hope is that you’ll leave feeling more alive than ever!

Each day at Focus Alive begins with a joint celebration in the big top where everyone gathers to worship, pray and learn from the bible. In the evening the same happens. Between big top  sessions, the day Is yours! You can choose to go deeper in your faith through seminars, take part in sports or drama activities, go wild at the after-hours venues, and of course hang with your mates, making the most of the awesome food court. From Thai or Greek food to pancakes and ice cream, it’s all delicious! add hang out in exclusive youth café??


If you’re a youth leader or thinking of bringing a group of young people to Focus Alive from your church that’s awesome! We’ve put together a pack with all the information you need to know at this stage.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions. Please email:


For every 20 young people you bring, you’ll get a FREE ticket! (for yourself or your team)


Focus Alive wouldn’t be able to exist without the amazing team of volunteers that join forces to make everything happen. Got a gift or something you’re passionate about? We’d love for you to consider joining the team! There’s a wide selection of roles you can apply for from including: Worship, Media, Prayer, Production, Sports, Additional Needs, Detached, Cafes.


+ Who is focus alive for?

Focus Alive is for young people aged 13-18 and is open to the HTB Churches Network and friends.

+ Where will Focus Alive be held?

At Somerley Estate, in Ringwood on the Hampshire Dorset Border. Nea Drive, Somerley Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3QG

+ How will it work with Focus?

Focus Alive will run concurrently with Focus 2020 on the same site at Somerely Estate. Focus 2020 is the summer gathering of HTB network Churches. Young people will be able to camp within the designated youth camping area, or with parents who are attending Focus. Focus Alive will have it’s own program and will be managed and coordinated by a separate team.

+ What’s happening to Focus Youth?

As of 2020, Focus Youth will no longer exist under this name and will evolve into Focus Alive. This doesn’t mean the good work of Focus Youth stops, rather, it develops!

+ Can I come if I’m 12 or under?

Young people aged 11 and 12 will be have a dedicated programme within the Focus programme. To attend this, you’ll need to be part of the HTB network of churches.

+ Will parents be able to attend?

Parents will be able to attend Focus and all associated events as part of the Focus program. Parents will not be able to attend the Focus Alive (unless in special circumstances).

+ What will the camping arrangements be?

As part of Focus Alive, there will be a separate youth campsite open to 13-18 year olds, where we expect the majority them to camp. Young people can camp with their parents on the main Focus campsite if they’re attending Focus.

+ What are the responsibilities for youth leaders?

Whilst camping in the youth village, young people will looked after by their youth leaders. Youth leaders will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of their youth groups needs including camping, catering and well being. Youth groups will need to bring 1 youth leader to every 6 young people.

+ Taking care of the safety of young people

Ensuring the event is a safe and secure event for young people to enjoy is our highest priority. We have experienced safeguarding professionals working on the team to ensure the right structures and appropriate processes are in place for this. We will be happy to share further details around this in due course.